Auto Insurance Quote NJ – These 14 Questions Could Save You $487 Per Year

Auto Insurance Quote NJ – Compulsory InsuranceTwo choices drivers have when buying insurance in New Jersey:Basic Policy – includes $10,000 coverage for injury/death and $5,000 for damage of property.Standard Policy – includes Bodily Injury Liabilty of $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident, Property Damage Liability of $5,000, covers uninsured and underinsured driver for $15,000 and $15,000 for personal protection.Auto Insurance Quote NJ – Liability Coverage to ConsiderIf a new vehicle costs about $28,000, a multiple car collision may result in injuries and damages that could exceed $100,000. Clearly, NJ minimums are inadequate.Recommended basic minimums:$100,000 physical injury for every person$300,000 physical injury for every accident$100,000 damage of property$300,000 uninsured or underinsured driver$250,000 personal injury coverageAuto Insurance Quote NJ – Optional Coverage to ConsiderWhat about the damages to your vehicle? Consider these optional coverage.
Collision – Pays for damage to your vehicle.
Comprehensive – Pays for losses to an insured car due to fire, theft, or other losses that are not the result of a collision.
Gap insurance – Covers the difference between what the car is worth and what you owe on the car. It provides valuable protection during the early years of your car’s life if you have a loan or a lease.
Vehicle rental – If your vehicle is inoperable because of accident, it pays for rental vehicle.
Towing insurance – Covers the towing services for your car if immobilized. No need to get this, if your auto club or credit card provides it.
Auto Insurance Quote NJ – Confirm Financial ResponsibilityIn New Jersey, your car insurance company must compensate for any damages brought about by the accident involving your vehicle no matter who caused the accident.Auto Insurance Quote NJ – Don’t Drive Without InsuranceWhen driving always take your insurance card. Otherwise, you will be penalized if cannot show proof of insurance.First offense – You lose your license for a year, pay $300 in fine and community service.Second offense – You lose your license for two years, pay $500 in fine, 30 days community service and jail sentence of 14 days.Auto Insurance Quote NJ – Analyze and SaveCompare three to five quotes and see which one is best compared to your current policy. You may use Quote Wizard and 2Insure4Less for online inquiries. Fill up their online form and they will email 4-5 quotes to you. Drop the two pricey ones and compare the remaining quotes and your current policy.Auto Insurance Quote NJ – Important QuestionsReview following questions on availing discounts.* Should you increase your deductible to $500 or $1,000?* Is it reasonable to lessen the personal injury coverage of your policy if it is covered by your health insurance?* Are you qualified for long-term discount?* Does the company offer discount if…- you have no accident record in more than three years?- you have no ticket violation for the past three years?- you took up a driving course?- you took up a course on defensive driving?- your car has safety devices?- you ensure multiple cars?- you purchase auto insurance and other types of insurance from that company?- daytime running lights were mandatory?* Do you qualify for low mileage discount if the vehicle is seldom used?* Airbags discount?* Any member of the family who goes to college and resides away from home?Call the insurance company to inquire of any discount not listed on the quotes. Do not hesitate to ask suggestions regarding additional discounts.If you use your list wisely, you can make a wise and informed decision. Good work!

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